No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

When you did your New Years Resolutions, did you look introspectively and have any regrets from this past year? Typically, these regrets might have something to do with your relationships, fitness and health, financial situation, or your spiritual well being.

This morning, Pastor Dave’s message was Beyond Regret and it was so good, it inspired me to write about regrets. I believe almost everyone has regrets. It can be a regret for eating that last desert, or something that is said to someone in anger. Regrets come from the choices we’ve made. Regrets are a sense of guilt.

If you haven’t had the chance to read about William Borden, it’s a great story about No Regrets. Bill Borden was already a millionaire by the time he was 16 since he was an heir to the Borden family fortune. He made a decision to follow God’s calling and his heart and serve the needy of this world, instead of taking over the family business.While traveling through Egypt to China, he contracted spinal meningitis and died at the age of 25.

Written in his Bible were the words, No Reserves. Underneath, were the word No Retreats, and under that was written No Regrets. To read the whole story and the timing of these words, just read his story on the internet. It’s inspiring to read about someone so committed to their purpose in life they can say, No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets.

I coach people to live successful lives. Regrets can hold us back if we let them get in the way of continuous improvement and opportunities. They can affect our attitude in either a negative or a positive way! No one can go back and change whats been done, but all of us can make a brand new start. Everyday, we have a choice! We can dwell on our regrets and the negatives or we can make good choices and move forward in living a positive, successful life. No Reserves. No retreats. No Regrets!

Make it an awesome 2012!


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