Soul Surfer

A great example that Success is Attitude Management is a movie I just watched called Soul Surfer. It’s a true story about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who  lost her arm from a shark bite and came back to win the women’s national surfing championship. I had tears in my eyes for most of the movie because I am so inspired by Bethany’s determination, persistence, and faith. She lives out my philosophy of Success is Attitude Management.

Bethany makes the decision to surf and compete again, even though she has only one arm. She lives by Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. As she deals with all the challenges, she begins to question what happened to I can do all things. At one point she thought she was done. She questions, “Why did I have to lose everything”? Her dad pointed out that she didn’t lose everything. A great lesson for all of us.

Bethany goes on a World Vision mission trip to Thailand just after a tidal wave hit. She said that the Lord works in mysterious ways, however, that’s an understatement. She states, who would have thought that teaching a kid to surf could teach me that surfing isn’t the most important thing in the world, love is. Love is bigger than any tidal wave and more powerful than any fear.

This trip helps her to overcome her fears and keep going. She said, “I don’t need easy, I just need possible”. She shows us that anything is possible if we will overcome our fears and not give up. She said, “If you have faith, anything is possible, anything at all”.

The reporters asked her if she could go back and change surfing the day she lost her arm, would she? She said she wouldn’t have had the chance to embrace more people if she had two arms. This challenge gave her the platform for motivating and inspiring more people. This is a great inspirational family movie. A must see.

While pursuing your dreams, there will be times you’ll want to quit. Just remember Bethany Hamilton’s story for inspiration and never give up!

Make it an awesome day and Merry Christmas.



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