Seven Days In Utopia (cont)

As I mentioned in my previous post, the book Seven Days In Utopia has some great life lessons and success principles. They center around the game of golf but apply to life as well.

  • First, you must see; second, you feel; third, you trust. This is the epitome of golf. This principle is true in fulfilling our dreams. we must first visualize what we want or where we want to be. Next, we must feel what it is like to accomplish that. We need to involve all the senses in doing this. Then we have to trust that it will manifest itself if we apply ourselves.
  • There is no room for think or try; they are deadly to commitment. We must have a never give-up attitude. Success comes to those who just won’t quit.
  • You don’t have to be perfect to be an artist, you have to let go. To me this simply means that you have to get started. You don’t have to have all the answers to be successful. If you will just let go of your fears and get started, the answers will reveal themselves.
  • The genesis of new thought often happens in the simple things of life.
  • Comfort zones and tradition is a great place to hide. It is also the enemy of innovation and the destroyer of new thought. It can hold back the wisdom of creativity and squash the dreams of man. In the long run, it can steal talent. I believe on of the prerequisites of success is being able to expand and work outside of our comfort zone. We will only grow and learn when we operate outside our comfort zones.
  • Is it tradition you seek, or truth? Is it excellence, or acceptance? This is a great and challenging question if you really are seeking success. The most successful people don’t follow tradition, and most all of them strive for excellence.

Will you strive for excellence? The choice is yours! Will you be successful? The choice is yours! The canvas of life is in your hands.

Make it an awesome day.

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