Seven Days In Utopia (cont)

Some final thoughts and quotes from the book Seven Days In Utopia by David Cook. As I mentioned in my first post about this book, it’s a must read for any golfer or sports enthusiast. The game of golf has many lessons that are analogous to lessons in life.

  • Confidence is supreme in the game of golf. Confidence comes from being prepared for an emergency.
  • Greatness is revealed in the unorthodoxy of life. It is in thinking out of the box labeled “comfort zone” that we discover truth. Our box is nothing but a self-imposed prison, a trap for unsuspecting souls. The passion in life of the main character in the book was to set people free from their boxes. It has also become one of my passions in life to help people get out of their comfort zones and live a life of contribution and freedom.
  • Always set an extra place at the dinner table, so when destiny comes knocking at your door you invite him in as though you have been expecting him. This is such a great quote. Anticipate opportunity. Fulfill your destiny!
  • Recall is the most powerful tool in your armor. Always recall the positive, successful, moments and events in your life.
  • When a seed is sown in the right season, it’s yield is great! Sometimes we have to keep working and innovating until the timing is right.
  • Life in the end will be measured by significance, not your golf score. Significance will be defined by your character, relationship values, virtues, and faith, not by a golf score.
  • Success is a destination while significance is an eternal calling. God calls us all to live a life of significance.
  • See His face, feel His presence. and trust His love.

The book ends with a great question. If you died tomorrow, what would they write on your tombstone?

Live a life of significance and make it an awesome day.

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