It’s Crazy To Be Lazy

Dr. James Merritt wrote a book titled Friends, Foes, and Fools. In his book he has a section that deals with lazy people. Lazy people seem to be everywhere. He says there are 5 characteristics of lazy people.

  1. The lazy person loves to sleep and hates alarm clocks. They don’t want to show up for the fight or the party. Hard work bothers lazy people. There always tired.
  2. The lazy person rarely starts and finishes anything. They want their bread buttered but won’t even butter their own bread. You can tell whether a person is lazy by what they’ve accomplished.
  3. The lazy person says later and what he means is never. The lazy person is the master procrastinator. They say, Someday I’ll… Someday Isle is the most inhabited place on earth. The lazy person flips a coin and says, Heads, I’ll go to the movies–Tails, I’ll watch T.V., and if the coin stands on it’s edge,, I’ll study or go to work. Coins don’t stand on their edge. Some lazy people are too lazy to even flip the coin.
  4. The lazy person is a Big Dreamer, but Little Doer. They say, one day I’m going to hit the jackpot. Someday, I’ll own my own business. They want what others have but won’t do anything to make it happen. Busy people will always find a way to get the job done. Lazy people never have time or get the job done.
  5. The lazy person works hard at defending their laziness. They would rather make excuses than make a living. They feel they are a victim. The lazy person never holds themselves responsible for what happens. They are looking for ways to blame others or their circumstances. They have a losers way of thinking.

I was sharing a business opportunity with a couple one evening and the young man who was laid-off from GM said to me that he could stay home and collect 95% of his pay and watch baseball all day. He asked why would he would want to do anything else. This is a great example of a lazy person. I can’t help people who think like that. The motivated, busy person would be looking for a way to build a nest-egg or to keep improving himself. It’s Crazy To Be Lazy. Being around lazy people is as bad as being around negative people. They both have consequences for the people around them. Stay around positive, motivated people and it will make a difference in your life.

Have an awesome day.

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