Don’t Let Others Crush Your Dreams

In his book, Put Your Dream To The Test, John Maxwell states the five most common reasons people have trouble identifying their dreams.

John says the world is filled with dream crushers and idea killers. Many people have simply had their dreams knocked right out of them! Some people who aren’t pursuing any dreams of their own don’t like to see others pursuing theirs. Other people’s success makes them feel inadequate or insecure.
Perhaps others have dragged you down in life. They’ve discouraged you from dreaming. Maybe they resented the fact that you wanted to move up or to do something significant with your life. Or maybe they were trying to protect you from pain and disappointment. Either way, if you’ve been discouraged from dreaming, take heart. It’s never to late to start dreaming and pursuing your dreams.

As I have shared with many of you, my dream is becoming financially free. I have a great life, but like most Americans, I live life with a fair amount of debt. Debt reduces our options to live a life of freedom and reduces our options to help others. My objective for my Fortune business is  “Helping People Help Others”. It has become a part of my dream to help others achieve financial freedom and also to help them in living a life of self-mastery. This can manifest itself in many ways including financial freedom, personal & professional development, or physical and spiritual well being. Most of all, I just want to help people become the best they can be and then share it with others.

I would love to have you share your dreams with me. If your not sure about your dream yet, call or email me and maybe I can simply help you to dream again.

I believe God wants us to dream big and He also wants us to have an abundant life. Don’t let others crush or steal your dreams.

Have an awesome day and keep working to be the best person you can be.


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