Be Confident In Pursuing Your Dreams

John Maxwell says, the fourth reason that people have trouble identifying their dream is:

It takes confidence to talk about dreams and even more to pursue them. And sometimes confidence separates the people who dream and pursue those dreams from those who don’t.

In her research at the University of Wisconsin, Karen Greno-Malsch discovered that self-confidence is vital to success. In her study of children, she discovered that the greater a child’s self worth, the greater the willingness to incur the risks of prolonged negotiation and the greater the adaptability. In other words, the more confidence you have in yourself, the less likely you are to give in trying you get what you want.

Dreams are fragile. And they are at greatest risk when they are new to you, when people you love and respect don’t approve of them, and when you have no past record of success to give you confidence. How do you gain such confidence?Through self-knowledge. Management consultant Judith Bardwick affirms that “real confidence comes from knowing and accepting yourself–your strengths and limitations–in contrast to depending on the affirmation of others, from the outside”.

I stand ready to assist you in living out your dream. Don’t let the fear of failure or the input of others dampen your dream. Be confident and just go for it.

Dreams are like success. It doesn’t happen in an instant. It takes time and effort, and happens because of the daily management of our decisions and activities.

Have an awesome day and remember you are worth it.

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