Think Win/Win

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and those who are doing well to do even better.–Jim Rohn

We’ve been talking about the book written by Steven Covey called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the fourth habit is Think Win/Win. This is the habit of interpersonal leadership. Think Win/Win is a frame of mind that seeks to constantly create situations that are of mutual benefit. Win/Win is developing relationships where both parties win. All parties feel good and satisfied about the decision and the action plan.

A win/win person possesses three character traits: integrity, maturity, and an Abundance Mentality. People with integrity are true to their feelings, values, and commitments. People with maturity express their ideas and feelings with consideration for the ideas and feelings of others. People with an Abundance Mentality understand that there is plenty for everyone.

Do you approach relationships with a true desire to see the other person win? Or might you be focused on win/lose relationships where you are more concerned about winning, being right, or getting the better end of the deal. Do you think about taking advantage of the situation because you can or do you look to create win/win situations.

One of the greatest things about the Network Marketing business model is it develops win/win philosophies. The only way you generally get ahead is to help others get ahead. The only way you achieve your financial goals is to help others achieve theirs. If done right, the industry and business model is based upon the character traits of integrity, maturity, and Abundance Mentality. It doesn’t mean everyone operates that way, but the people who care about creating win/win relationships will always make more and progress faster than those who think win/lose. You win by helping others.

If you want to be a really effective person and leader, you must think in terms of win/win. Think in terms of an Abundance Mentality and then go help others do the same. Think Win/Win.

Have an awesome day.

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