Steven Covey’s 6th habit of highly effective people is Synergize. This is also known as the habit of creative cooperation. The tall Redwood trees have very shallow root systems but they grow close together. They interlock their roots to keep the high winds from blowing the trees over. It gives them more strength interlocked together than they would have if they grew by themselves. This is an example of synergy.

Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Synergy is one plus one equals three or more. Synergy means working together. Two working together have the potential to multiply the results of each working separately. To achieve synergy in relationships or business requires that we become open and authentic. When we open ourselves up to the influence of others, we gain new insights which facilitates new options.

Covey emphasizes that we must value the differences between people and how they view the world. That difference can be a source of insight. He says, “Valuing the differences is the essence of synergy-the mental, the emotional, the psychological differences between people. And the key to valuing those differences is to realize that all people see the world, not as it is, but as they are.”

The five prior habits all lend themselves to creating synergy. If we Think Win-Win and Seek First to Understand when relating to others, then synergizing comes easy. Are you willing to value each others differences and create synergy?

Cave an awesome day and create synergy to be an effective person.

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