Keep Sowing Seeds

On Friday, we talked about the parable of the sower and how some some of the seeds that are sowed were gotten by the birds. It’s inevitable. We talked about the urge to chase the birds away but not to give in to that urge and concentrate on the task of sowing more seeds in the filed.

In the parable, some of the seeds fall on rocky ground where the soil is shallow. The seed takes root and starts to grow but on the first hot sunny day, the little plant withers and dies because its roots are not deep and strong enough to sustain it. As we build our team, some will quit on the first hot day. Some will quit when they encounter obstacles because they haven’t grown deep roots. The smart sower understands this and will Keep Sowing Seeds in the field. In other words, just keep building your team and don’t even bother with those that give up or quit so easily.

Some seeds fell on thorny ground. The little plant starts to grow but the thorns choke it. There are many shapes the thorns of life can come in. In reality, they are just the excuses that some people use for not moving forward and completing the job. Some people don’t even try, some try very little, and some give up quickly when the thorns of life appear. They let other things get in the way of opportunities. One of the keys to success is to spend time on the differences that will make a difference.

The wise sower keeps on sowing. He understands it a process and even though some of the seeds will be eaten by the birds, some destroyed by the weather, and some choked by the thorns. He also knows that some will fall on good ground and produce abundantly. The thing to remember is if you share a good idea often enough, you will find the right people. It’s the Law of Averages.

Even the good ground will yield a range of productivity. Some of the good ground will have a thirty percent yield, some sixty percent, and some a hundred percent. As a team leader, you want to find some hundred percenters. But first, you must understand you have to lose some of the seeds to the birds, weather, and thorns. You have to find some thirty percenters, and sixty percenters to get to the hundred percenters. That’s just part of the parable of the sower and becoming a skillful team leader. It’s just a process and you have to keep going to find the hundred percenters.

Even though this isn’t the exact lesson Jesus was teaching when he told the parable, it is very applicable to recruiting and building a team or organization.

Have an awesome day and Keep Sowing Seeds.

  • Scott Young

    Hello Sammy,

    This is SO TRUE…Focus Effort will produce Long Term Results…We plant seeds and we won't know right away which will produce results…The key is to continue Sowing and not worry about the seed that did not make it but Focus on the Crop that grew!

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