What’s Your Plan B

If you lost your job tomorrow, and you couldn’t find a job for 8 weeks, would you have enough money? What if it took 16 weeks or longer? If the answer is no, then you need to make more money. Unfortunately, this is reality in America. What’s your Plan B?

Unemployment is the highest in many years. Industries are downsizing and changing. The Stock market is as unstable as ever. Real Estate values are substantially reduced and for many Americans, our home is our largest asset, or in many cases, has become our largest liability.  Warren Buffet said, “This downturn could last 8 years.”

If you have a job, how secure can it be? There are a few options to making more money.

  1. Get a second job – Good luck trying to find a second job that pays enough to even cover the extra cost of child care or automobile expenses.
  2. Sit back and do nothing and rely on your 401K or savings – Not a very good option to rely on a return on our investments
  3. Start a business – Conventional business requires capital to get an office, CPA, employees. 95% fail in the first year. Franchises require $100,000 to $1,000,000 of capital. Home-based business requires very little capital and can provide not only the ability to make some additional money but eventually time freedom.

I’m a believer that many people in America are one step away from being broke. I am also a huge believer that it doesn’t have to be this way and with a home-based business and some effort, you can change your financial picture in a big way. America was founded on small businesses, and owning a business is the only way to achieve both financial and time freedom. Money changes everything. It gives us choices.

You can either live in fear of the economy or you can control the economy. It’s your choice. What’s your Plan B? Don’t count on your job or the government to save you. Take the steps now to save yourself and your family. It’s within your reach. You just have to decide to do something about it and take charge of your own well-being. I decided to do that almost 2 1/2 years ago and found what I believe is pretty close to the perfect business. If you would like to know more, send me an email. There is opportunity out there. You just have to take the first step to check it out and then just go for it. You can do it.

Have an awesome day.

  • Scott Young


    I really enjoyed your blog today. I wish people would WAKE UP!!! Times have changed and poeple need to take charge NOW of there Life and looking for a JOB doesnt cut it anymore…

    Thanks Again,

    Scott Young

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