Knowledge is Power

You’ve probably heard the saying that Knowledge is Power. Unfortunately, most of America either doesn’t believe it or is not willing to devote the money, time and effort it takes to acquire knowledge. Following is a quote by Jim Rohn:

Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. And guess what? It’s all available. All you have to do is go to the library. But guess what? Only 3 percent of the people in America have a library card. Wow, they must be expensive! No, they’re free. Probably in every neighborhood. Three percent!

Isn’t that amazing. That’s hard to believe. There is so much knowledge available for free. Why in the world don’t most people take advantage of it? Why in America do more people spend money on comforts and conveniences than they do for education? Many successful people will tell you that you should budget and invest a portion of your income in the search for knowledge. The money for education is small, the promise for potential is unlimited. Knowledge is Power.

Besides the investment of money for knowledge, for many the investment of time is more precious. Money can be reproduced and replaced but time is irreplaceable. If you listen to the gurus in the personal and professional development industry, they will encourage you to spend at least a half hour a day reading. Why do the majority of Americans spend more time watching TV than they do in reading or gaining knowledge? I guess that’s why 5% of America shares 95% of the nation’s wealth. Another way to learn is to listen to tapes and CD’s while in your car or exercising. This is a great way to accomplish two things at once.

If your not sure about the investment in gaining knowledge, ask yourself this question. ” Is my current plan working? Who’s plan are you following? If your current plan isn’t working like you planned, then go get the knowledge to change the plan. It’s all out there. Much of it is free. You just have to make your mind up that Knowledge is Power and go get it. You can accomplish anything you want with the right knowledge and attitude.

If your plan isn’t working and you would like to learn more about what is working, send me an email.

Have an awesome day.

  • Steve Pereus

    Sam, you are right. The problem? Maybe lack of curiosity? Lack of energy or motivation? Sometimes ego – even in the face of the facts and failed attempts. Unfortunately people seem to want to learn after they fail and then only to avoid the pain.

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