Ignore The Birds

We can’t win everyone’s dedication and belief at once. What we can do is work on ourselves, refine our philosophies, and trust that the believers will be there.–Jim Rohn

In one of the books I’m reading, Jim Rohn uses a simple story from the Bible to discuss leadership skills and the Law of Averages. The story is the parable of the sower and here’s what happens.

As he sowed, some of the seed falls by the wayside and the birds get it. Jim says that leaders need to understand this scenario because it is very common. No matter what, the birds are going to get some of the seed. If your building an organization and your out recruiting, you talk to John and tell John you have an opportunity that could help him make a big change in his life. You ask him to come take a look and he agrees he’s ready for something like that. You agree to meet him and share this important opportunity on Tuesday night. Tuesday night comes around and John doesn’t show up. The birds have gotten to him. Nobody knows in what form the birds will come. Maybe one of his friends or family members said something like those things never work, or you’ll never succeed at something like that.

The important thing to understand is that the birds will get some of the seeds you sow. When that happens, the natural tendency is to chase the birds to set things straight, but the problem is if you do that, you will have to leave the field. Leaving the field means you aren’t sowing more seeds. The Law of Averages isn’t going to work for you unless your in the field sowing.

The important thing to think about here is what is a good use of your time and what is a waste of your time. If you focus on the negatives or what isn’t working, it’s a waste of your time. Jim says the best thing you can do is to invest your time and energy on the things that count and understand the Law of Averages. The wise man just ignores the birds and keeps sowing. He understand the Law of Averages.

Next time, we’ll talk about where the other seeds fall and what happens.

Have an awesome day and keep sowing seeds.

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