Call Reluctance

It doesn’t matter what industry your in, call reluctance is one of the biggest reasons for failure in the business world. This is true in the real estate, mortgage,  insurance, and network marketing industries. It’s true where ever goods and services are being distributed. Research has indicated that 80% of all salespeople fail in the first year because of insufficient prospecting activity. Call reluctance was evident in building my first career in the insurance industry and I have found it to be true in building a business in the network marketing industry.

New people anticipate and fear rejection, and therefore never get started doing the things that create success in these industries. They will spend time studying the products and services more, attending the meetings more, or do anything that allows them to avoid actual prospecting and calling. After spending time on the unproductive activities, whether it’s days or weeks, they start to decide this business doesn’t work because they haven’t succeeded in building a team.

The mere anticipation of rejection leads to call reluctance, and eventually, can lead to quitting or failure. Most people suffer from call reluctance, but achievers and successful people decide as Nike says to “Just Do it” and get into action. For you, that might be easier said than done. One way to help overcome call reluctance is to set realistic, achievable daily goals. Start with 5-10 calls each day. Make it a game. How many contacts can I make in the next hour? Reward yourself when you make that goal.

The best way to overcome call reluctance is to change your belief system.  First, when someone tells you no, it’s not personal. They aren’t rejecting you, they’re rejecting the idea. Don’t take it personal. Second, understand that we aren’t selling anything. We are simply sharing a concept or an opportunity. Not everyone will see it or take advantage of it. The timing might not be right for some. I’m looking for those who are looking for me. There are many people out there today who are looking for a answer to their prayers. It’s just a numbers game. The more No’s I get, the closer I am to getting the Yes. Develop and attitude that “Massive Failure = Massive Success.” With that attitude, the only way you can lose is to give up or quit. Don’t allow call reluctance be an obstacle on the path of success. You can do it!!

Have an awesome day and God bless.

  • joewoltmann

    Thanks sam. I needed that. see ya at the top .

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