What Will You Become

Did you invest time thinking about where you are going? Did you write down some short-term and long-term goals? Even if you’ve failed up to now, you can be on the road to better things. Do you have the motivation to make a difference? If you do, anything is possible. This is America and the possibilities are endless.

Early in Jim Rohn’s career, his mentor ask him to set a goal of becoming a millionaire. He thought it would be great to have a million dollars, but the lesson his mentor was teaching him was far more valuable than the million dollars. Mr. Shoaff told him: “Set a goal of becoming a millionaire for what it will make of you to achieve it. Set a goal that will make you reach for the stars.” What a great way to look at your goals. The true value of achievement and success is not what you can obtain, but what you can become in striving for the goal. As we travel the road of life, we need to realize that we create value by what we become and not what we have.

Jim Rohn gave us this key phrase in setting goals:

Set the kind of goals that will make you a better person when you achieve them…or when you are in the process of achieving them. Always ask yourself, What will this goal make of me? If I set this goal and go forward, how will this change me in the process?

If we focus on using goals to become a better person, we will bring more value to the marketplace and to ourselves. Focus on who you will become and not what you can obtain and you will be successful! You can do it!

Have an awesome day.

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