How do we live the good life or a life of substance? What’s at the heart of achievement?  There are many answers we can come up with. Some of those answers might be goal setting or time management. Others might say to have vision or to gather more knowledge. While all of these answers are good answers, there are many people who do goal setting or gather more knowledge and yet they still live a life of existence. The real difference I’ve seen over the years is many people live without self-discipline.

It doesn’t matter how good your goals are if you don’t get into action. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you gain if you don’t put it to good use. We must learn to use and apply the knowledge we gather. Once we apply our knowledge, we need to review the results, and then refine our approach. Then apply the knowledge gained, review, and then refine the approach. If we keep doing this, we can’t help but produce positive results and succeed.

The only way for us to work through this process is to have self-discipline. It takes consistent self-discipline to master just about anything in our lives. The only way we can really manage our valuable time is through consistent effort and self-discipline. Otherwise the day just gets away from us and time is the one resource you can’t recover.

It takes consistent self-discipline to manage that little voice and all the chatter in our minds. It takes self-discipline to not allow that little voice to become negative and plant the seeds of failure. It takes self-discipline to plan, it takes self-discipline to implement the plan. It takes self-discipline to review the results, it takes self-discipline to adjust the plan based upon the results. It takes self-discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes self-discipline to eat right and get physical activity. It takes self-discipline to grow spiritually, it takes self-discipline to read God’s Word and pray daily.

If you think about it, you’ve probably not accomplished anything worthwhile without self-discipline. If you are willing to apply consistent self-discipline to all aspects of your life, you can live the life you design for yourself and have a life of substance. You can do it.

Have an awesome day and live life with passion.

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