Don’t Compromise

An average person with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.–Brian Tracy

When setting goals, make sure you don’t set your goals too low. If you set goals that are too low or easily attainable, you won’t give yourself room to grow.  You have to challenge yourself with high expectations. When you create high expectations for yourself, you will push yourself more, which causes you to grow and change. If you know someone that says, “I don’t need much,” then you know someone who will not become much.

Another guideline when setting your goals is don’t compromise. Don’t give in and don’t sell out. I have said before that everything worth having has a cost. There is a price to pay for anything worth achieving.  We have to understand the costs and decide if were willing to pay the price. We also have to sometimes consider if the cost are too great. To become successful at the expense of your health just isn’t worth it.

It’s never worth it to compromise your integrity or reputation just to achieve a goal. Don’t compromise your virtue or your values. Don’t compromise what you stand for or your philosophy. Be careful of what you become in pursuit of your goals. Have fun in pursuing your goals and concentrate on what you are becoming.

Set goals that will transform you and make you much better than you are. Set goals that will move you towards self-mastery. You can do it.

Have an awesome day.

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