Discipline = Rewards

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. –Jim Rohn

Whether you are a person of faith, you have probably heard of the biblical principle of Sowing and Reaping. The principle says you will reap what you sow. A great example of this principle is the farmer. They plant seed in the spring and then harvest in the fall. Whatever they plant and cultivate produces a harvest in the fall. The same is true with a disciplined life.

Every disciplined effort produces multiple rewards.  A great example of this is the time we invest in ourselves to be healthy. If you workout each day, not only will your heart be healthier, your weight will be more manageable, and your attitude and self esteem will be more positive. If you spend more time in reading or listening to personal and professional development materials, you will increase your knowledge, bring more value to the marketplace, and exhibit a more positive attitude. Disciplined effort produces multiple rewards.

All aspects of out lives require discipline. This includes the physical, mental, spiritual, lifestyle, family, business, relationships, and financial aspects of our lives. Even our thoughts require discipline.

Everything in life comes with a price. If we neglect the disciplines of life, there is a price to pay. Discipline requires a small price to pay today, lack of discipline requires a much bigger price to pay later on. Think about the discipline of saving or lack of saving. Whats the rewards for doing it or not doing it? For saving, I have a better chance of retiring some day, more money available later in life, and less stress about my financial situation. Think about the discipline of building a business. To grow my marketing business, I have to share the opportunity. If I’m willing to pay a small price now, the rewards are many. More income, more freedom, ownership in something bigger, and a positive attitude that I’m helping myself and others move towards financial freedom. Disciplined effort produces multiple rewards.

What areas of your life needs attention? Maybe you’ve given up dreaming or are thinking about quitting. Think about this. The only thing missing to your success story is the self-imposed discipline that will make you work harder and longer than you ever thought you could. The greatest discipline is the one that you impose upon yourself.

You life is either going to to be an example to others or a warning to others. What legacy will you leave? Will it be a legacy of example? It can be.

Have an awesome day.

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