Prime the Pump

Success doesn’t happen in an instant. It takes time, effort and persistence. In the struggle for success, Zig Ziglar used the analogy of an old fashioned hand pump. I remember going to my grandpa’s farm and they didn’t have running water. To get water from the pump, you had to usually prime the pump with water, which meant pouring water into the top of the pump to get the flow of water started. In his book, See You at the Top, Zig Ziglar said, “Before you get anything out, you must put something in.

After priming the pump, you had to pump hard to get the water from deep in the well up to the pump. It took a while for the water to rise to the top. It was all pumping with no reward. Eventually, the water would come to the top and everything changed at that point. Instead of all work with no results, you started to get a lot of water with little effort. One the water started flowing, it only took a little effort to keep the water flowing.

Building a business is similar to the water pump. The start up requires massive effort with little payoff. As you get your business flowing, it continues to grow, even if you reduce your intensity and effort in building it. It’s all because of leverage. Leverage is simply getting other people to work for you or better yet, with you. In a traditional business, employees carry the workload. In a network marketing company, independent representatives work together to carry the load. Network marketing offers more leverage in my opinion than the traditional business because of the power of geometric growth.

This growth is kind of like the penny that doubles every day. At the end of a month, you would have accumulated well over $5,000,000. Another example is if you added just one person to you network marketing team each month and showed them how to do the same, you would have 4096 people on your team at the end of your first year. That’s leverage and geometric growth.

Success is simply a process. We start off working very hard and eventually we start to get results. We just have to Prime the Pump. It really doesn’t matter what your trying to accomplish. It’s still just a process and if we apply effort and persistence to time, we will be successful in any endeavor.

Have an awesome day.

  • Ginny

    Thanks Sam. I like your blog and its positive approach to life. I am going to borrow your pump analogy for
    my yoga class tonight if you don’t mind. Ginny

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