Plan, Do, and Review

One of the most important processes in life and on the path of success is called Plan, Do, and Review. In order to keep improving, we need to continually look at how things are going. As we approach the new year, it’s natural to take a look at this past year and review how our year has gone. We need to look at our past failures and successes. We need to know where we came up short and why? What worked and what didn’t?  In life, there are many lessons to learn. The earlier we learn these lessons, the less expensive it becomes, and the faster we progress on the path of success.

If we don’t take time to continually look retrospectively, and Plan, Do, and Review, we might be off course without even realizing it. Not only will we have wasted precious time and resources, but the effort required to get back on track will be greater. Now is a great time of year to check your plan, what actions you have taken to accomplish your plan, and what needs to be adjusted to get back on track. Here’s some suggestions to reflect on.

  • What were the 5 best things that happened last year?
  • What were the 5 best lessons learned from last year?
  • What was the best decision you made last year?
  • What was the biggest contribution you performed?
  • What brought you the most joy last year?
  • What three people impacted your life the most last year?
  • What’s the biggest risk you took last year?
  • What areas of your life did you have the most growth in?
  • What things do you want to improve on this coming year?
  • What things do you want to keep doing next year?

Take time to think introspectively and retrospectively. Then Plan, Do, and Review. You owe it to yourself.

Have an awesome day and live life with passion.

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