Manage Self-Talk

One of the keys to increasing our self-esteem is managing the negative self-talk. We all have the little voice that talks to us from time to time and we all experience the negative, doubting, self-talk whispering in our mind. The issue is this little voice trying to keep us in our comfort zone and usually not speaking the truth to us. It keeps us from risking, in an effort to keep us from harm, or being rejected or what we interpret as failure. Make a decision now to support your belief in yourself by following the two rules:

  1. Don’t invalidate yourself or buy into any negative opinions you or others may have about you. Don’t listen to others who are not empowering you and building you up.
  2. Decide today to live and act on the declaration of who you say you are. This empowering declaration doesn’t require any proof yet because you will build the proof as you go.

Create the new declaration by taking all the qualities you have decided to manifest in your life. Create this statement to live by. Make the declaration a first person statement such as, I am a confident, charismatic, positive-minded leader committed to helping others. Another example: I create my life. I create the exact amount of my financial success.

If you notice you are slipping back into old habits and attitudes or starting to question your ability or future success, just remind yourself that this isn’t who you are. You have to decide again to believe in yourself and be confident in you future success. You can build your self-esteem simply by managing self-talk. You can do it.

Have an awesome day.

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