Focus on Positives

Each of us were created with talents and strengths that make us special and magnificent in our own way. Even if we might not have developed these talents and gifts to their fullest, we still have them and can always enhance them. Sometimes, we start to doubt ourselves and lose our belief in ourselves and our ability to succeed. In those times, we tend to focus on the negatives instead of the positives. I have found this to be particularly true today because of the loss of so many jobs and the tough economic times many find themselves in. Many people’s self-esteem is tied to their job or their financial worth which is not healthy. We pay too much attention to our fears and why things won’t work, instead of focusing on our strengths and why things will work. This takes us out of our quest to realize our dreams.

Another way to build our self-esteem is to focus on the things you do well instead of on your challenges. Recognize the little things you do good and catch yourself doing something right. Ask yourself every night what you did right that day? Look for ways to compliment yourself and pat yourself on the back.

We need to fill our minds with positives. Our conscious minds only allow one thought at a time so as the gatekeepers to our minds, it’s up to us to only allow positive, empowering, affirming, thoughts and beliefs. We all have the ability to manage our thoughts moment by moment. The more we get into the habit of making sure we substitute positive empowering thoughts instead of negative, disempowering thoughts, the easier the process will become. The more positive affirmations we  produce in our mind, the more we will build our self-esteem.

Take time to write out a series of positive affirmations in the first person, present tense. Examples might be:

  • I am happy, healthy, and terrific.
  • I am successful.
  • Everything I do turns into a success.
  • I attract positive-minded people to me; I attract all things positive to me.
  • I control the power to change myself.
  • I live life as I choose.
  • I make friends easily.
  • People like me, trust me, and want to learn how I can help them become financially free.
  • I am a good listener, always looking for ways to help others.
  • I make powerful and enjoyable business relationships and many have become my friends.

When you fill your subconscious mind with positive affirmations, you don’t allow the negative, limiting thinking. This will go a long way to building your self-esteem. Write your own positive affirmations out on a piece of paper and review them numerous times each day. What positive affirmations do you use?

Have a positive filled awesome day.

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