Once you have a vision, how do you get others to buy-in or share the vision? All successful leaders win people over to their vision. Peter Senge used the term enrollment to describe the process of getting buy-in. Enrollment simply means joining by choice. A leader can dictate compliance with the plan, but if you really want to drive productivity, you need to get the team members to voluntarily enroll in the plan. When your team catches or shares the vision, they will work as hard as you on accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Senge says there are three things a leader can do to encourage enrollment:

  1. Be enrolled yourself. Lead the way by demonstrating enthusiasm and excitement for your vision.
  2. Be on the level. Don’t insult people’s intelligence with pie-in-the-sky promises and projections. Present the problems and obstacles honestly.
  3. Let the other person choose. Make your case and then go about your business. Don’t beg, pester, nag, browbeat, or manipulate people in to following you. Make sure your team knows they are free to decide for themselves.

Senge goes on to say “The hardest lesson for many managers to face, is that, ultimately, there is nothing you can do to get another person to enroll or commit….The guidelines above simply establish conditions most favorable to enrollment, but they do not cause enrollment.

I see the principal of enrollment at play in my marketing company. I have a very clear vision that I will accomplish financial freedom in the next three years. I also believe very strongly I will help many people accomplish the same thing if that is their vision. I’m totally enrolled. I feel I demonstrate enthusiasm and excitement for the vision. I also believe I’m straight up in explaining the effort involved and the obstacles encountered in fulfilling the vision. Nothing worthwhile is effortless or easy.

The problem or challenge becomes that each person then has to choose whether they are willing to pay the price. I find the majority either lose sight of their vision or are not willing to pay the price. I always share with my team that I will not quit on them until they quit on themselves. In other words, I will match their effort in helping them fulfill their dreams but I will try not to nag, pester, or beg someone to get to the finish line. I’m always looking for team members that have a vision for themselves and are willing to pay the price to accomplish that vision.

Yesterday, I asked what is your vision? Are you willing to do what it takes to fulfill your vision?

Have an awesome day filled with vision.

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