Desire & Drive

There are certain traits that high achievers and leaders have in common. This week we’ll talk about some of those traits. The first trait is desire or drive. Desire and drive can come from inspiration or desperation. Most of the time, I think it is stronger if it comes from desperation. Pastor Jerry Brown said at a training meeting on Saturday that if your desire is strong enough, the how will come. In other words, you simply have to have an overwhelming or obsessive desire, a strong why, and you will figure out how to accomplish something. Drive and desire is what gives us an amazing ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. It is what will keep us moving forward when we experience rejection and disappointment.

Napoleon Hill said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement.” He said this desire needs to be so intense that there would be nothing that you will allow to stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams. Desire will outwit and outlast any challenges that get in the way. Desire backed up by faith will inspire you to carry on. There is nothing impossible for the person who has a burning desire backed by faith.

When I started my marketing business, I had a desire to supplement my income. I would say that it was a strong desire but certainly not a burning desire. As the economy continued to worsen over the past two years, my strong desire has turned into a burning desire. Much of that burning desire has been driven by necessity. Much of that desire and drive has been driven by people who tell me it won’t work or I’ll never accomplish that. My why or desire increases because my belief in the opportunity has increased dramatically and my faith  in attaining financial freedom has become stronger. The difference in having a burning desire is I won’t let any obstacles or challenges stand in the way of that dream.

Are you letting life or other things get in the way of your dream? Are we willing to place all of our energy, willpower, effort, and everything to accomplish that goal or promise to yourself? It is true that you can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind to if your desire and drive is strong enough.

What is your burning desire?

Have an awesome day and live life with passion.

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