Success Comes From Small Steps

Successful leaders achieve big goals by taking small steps over time. Henry Ford said: “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” If you were building a house, you would build it one brick at a time. If you wanted to lose 25 pounds, you would lose it one pound at a time. If you wanted to bench press 250 pounds, you would have to work out and work your way up to lifting that much weight. If you want to be a scratch golfer, you would have to practice everyday. If you want to be successful, it doesn’t happen overnight. You accomplish it one day at a time. You break it down into smaller increments.

Everything in life worth accomplishing takes time. It all comes from taking small incremental steps. Regardless of what you want to accomplish in life, it takes time. The reason most people never accomplish their dreams is they give up. When all of a sudden, it doesn’t happen, it’s easy to just quit or give up on yourself. The hardest thing for most of us is to persevere and keep moving in the direction that will help us live out our dreams. Jeff Olson calls it, “The Slight Edge. The daily activities and actions that will eventually accomplish what we started out to accomplish.

In my insurance business, if my goal is to get my book of business to generate $300,000 in commission income, it doesn’t happen overnight. It comes from prospecting and working on accounts day in and day out. In my marketing company, if I want to generate income of $50,000/month, it doesn’t happen overnight either. I have to work the business day in and day out and continue to find motivated team members that want to accomplish financial freedom just like myself. It will be a 3-7 year business plan. In other words, it doesn’t happen overnight. I just have to keep working intentionally everyday on something that is building myself and my businesses.  It gets overwhelming and discouraging if we don’t break it down into small incremental activities and actions. It’s not hard when you simply break it down into daily activities.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens in small steps. Keep taking those small steps everyday and you’ll be surprised how far you’ve gotten in just a few short years. You can do it.

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