Positive Mental Attitude

Yesterday we talked about dealing with adversity and how attitude management can be the key as to whether we use adversity to build character and strengthen us or let it hold us back and become negative. A positive mental attitude is a must for you who want life to pay off on your terms. Nothing great was ever achieved without a positive mental attitude.  We need to recognize that out attitude is the one thing which we have absolute control over and we need to make sure we are exercising that right of directing out mind with a positive mental attitude.

There are steps we can take to develop a positive mental attitude. We have to learn to close the door of our mind to all failures and setbacks of the past, and clear our mind to concentrate on opportunities and a positive mental attitude. Figure out what you want most in life and begin getting it, right where you are at now. Do that by helping other people get what they want and do this by implementing the success principle of going the extra mile. Pick a person who you absolutely admire and respect and start emulating everything them in every way. Another way to develop a positive mental attitude is to recite to yourself positive affirmations or declarations. Examples might be, “I FEEL HAPPY, HEALTHY AND TERRIFIC,” “SUCCESS IS ACHIEVED AND MAINTAINED BY THOSE WHO KEEP TRYING,” and “TO BE HAPPY, MAKE OTHERS HAPPY.”

Determine how successful or wealthy you want to be and set up a plan for achieving that success or acquiring that wealth. Make sure you put boundaries of how much is enough because many people have been ruined by their greed or their ego for fame. Greed for overabundance of material things has destroyed more people than any other cause. That doesn’t mean you don’t go for it, it simply means you keep things in perspective.

Make it a habit everyday to of saying or doing something that will make another person or person’s feel better. This can be a phone call, a text, a kind word, or just doing some other act of kindness for another. A good inspirational book or message can do wonders for a friend or acquaintance who just needs a little encouragement. If your helping others, you can’t help but have a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Have an awesome day and live with passion.

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