Manage Rejection

If you’ve missed these daily thoughts the past couple of days, it was because I was really sick. I’m still not 100% but feeling much better than I did last week. When I started this Daily Thoughts project, I committed to writing 5 days a week, excluding holidays. There are times when I wonder how many people I reach or how helpful it is, but I committed to myself to keep writing this for at least a year. Hope you still enjoy it.

Last week, I wrote the biggest killer of dreams is not managing frustration. Today, I wanted to share with you that the second biggest killer of dreams is managing rejection. If you talk to any successful person, they will tell you that they had to learn how to manage rejection. I’ve heard it said many times that successful people achieve massive amounts of rejection. It really becomes a state of mind or management of attitude. You need to learn to thrive on rejection. That doesn’t sound reasonable, but if your desire to achieve is strong enough, it will make sense.

Rejection is seldom a personal thing and when you understand that, you just play the Law of Averages. In everything you do, you can develop an average rate of success. In most businesses, it usually runs in the 30-40% range. We can increase that average by education, experience, and mentoring, however, you are still going to have to deal with and manage a certain amount of no’s or rejection. Just figure out how much each “NO” is worth. Just remember that every “NO” is one step closer to a “YES” and one step closer to your dream. You just need to learn to manage rejection. YOU CAN DO IT!

Have an awesome day.

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