Manage Complacency

We’ve already talked about three of the keys to wealth & happiness and if you can learn to manage frustration, rejection, and financial pressure, you are well on your way to success. The problem with success is that it tends to breed complacency so we also need to handle or manage complacency.

I don’t think right now  many people are feeling  complacent because of the economy and what it has done to our financial future. But at the same time, I meet so many people that seem shell-shocked and many aren’t doing anything to grow or move forward.  Complacency can mean we are either in a comfort zone or we just aren’t willing to pay the price to change things.

We won’t create happiness by what we get or the money we make. We can create happiness by what we become and by how many people we can help.

There are two things we can do to get rid of complacency. 1) Learn to judge yourself by your goals and potential and not by your peers, 2) Pay careful attention to who you associate to and with. The people around you will impact your values. Who you associate with will play a major role in what your willing to accept of yourself, abilities, and your skills. Sometimes the people you  really care about, without meaning to, can have a negative effect on you. Learn to Manage Complacency.

Have an awesome day.

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