Listen To Your Heart and Invest in Yourself

I started reading a book by Dr. Henry Cloud titled 9 Things a Leader Must Do and I thought I would share some of the writings with you. The first thing he says a leader must do is explore their deep hearts and invest in their inner desires and drives. He goes on to tell a story of Suzie who had parents who not only encouraged her interests but helped her when she struggled. They taught her the value of hard work and study. She went on to become a very successful architect and build the arena that Dr. Cloud was speaking in.

Dr. Cloud goes on to say that we need to dig up our hearts desire. Everyone starts with talent, then a dream. The arena came into being because of discipline and desire, the invisible ingredients we all have in us. He goes on to say that “Leadership success is the process of digging up the treasures of the invisible soul in order to bring dreams, desires, and talents into the visible world.

These are the things a leader must do to optimize opportunities in business and life:

  • Become aware of your dreams, desires, talents, and other treasures of the soul.
  • Listens to them and values them as life itself.
  • Takes steps to develop them, beginning in very small ways.
  • Seeks coaching and help to make them grow.
  • Does not care as much about the results as the essence, but continues to express his soul treasures wherever he can.

I believe that God has given everyone of us certain talents. Many times our family or friends have inadvertently squashed these talents and dreams. We all need to do some serious soul searching to find these talents and rebuild our dreams. We need to dig deep to find that buried treasure.

Have an awesome day.

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