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“The beautiful thing about network marketing is that it is the most moral form of compensation there is. And it follows the very best income-earning strategy: your levering yourself and you’re providing great service. You’re waking people up. Your showing people how to spend their days doing what they love to do, while at the same time earning an excellent income. Properly executed, network marketing gives people time and money freedom. It gives them liberty, which is their birthright.”–Bob Proctor (Author of You Were Born Rich)

Another big advantage of the network marketing business model is the power of leveraging. There are very few businesses that for a small investment, will give you the ability to leverage your efforts through others, and build a long term residual income. How many business models do you know where you can get started for a few hundred dollars? How many businesses can you think of that will allow you to build a team of partners anywhere from hundreds to thousands in a few months to a few years? How many businesses do you know that will build a residual income that can continue to grow even when you decide it’s time to kick back?

Other advantages are that you have created something for your family that can continue to provide generational wealth, even after your gone. There are opportunities that can be will-able, sale-able, and trust-able assets. In other words the business can be sold or passed down to future generations. You also can work full or part-time and there aren’t normally any limitations. There are no territorial limitations. If I wanted to move to South Carolina, I would have to start a new insurance business but I can simply continue my network marketing business and not miss a beat.

As you can tell, I’m a huge proponent of the network marketing industry. Twenty-six months ago, I was a huge opponent until I did some studying and my whole paradigm shifted 180 degrees. I know it’s not for everyone, but for someone that is motivated to change their financial picture for the future, it’s a great option. If you would like to learn more, just let me know.

“The unusual and wonderful thing about network marketing is that everyone around you is working to help you grow, instead of trying to keep you down! In what other business do you have people making $50,000 or more a month, and there willing to tell you exactly how they did it?”–T. Harv Ecker (Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

Have an awesome day.

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