Handle Financial Pressure

Another key to wealth and happiness is learning how to handle financial pressure. In today’s economy, that can seem like quite an undertaking. In fact, in times like these, our natural tendency is to focus on money and the lack thereof,  and not to focus on helping others. When we focus on money, it starts to run our lives. We have to focus on money as a tool. A tool to accomplish goals and dreams and the avenue to help others. We have to learn how to manage the small amounts so were prepared to handle the large amounts of money. More people and marriages are devastated emotionally because of financial problems or pressures, than any other challenges.

The real challenge is to not focus on money but on how you can help other people. You have to change your thinking on what your worth. You have to focus on what you can give and not what you can get. There’s a great book written years ago called “The Richest Man In Babylon.” by George Clayson. It tells you about the foundational keys of wealth building and how to eliminate financial pressures.  It gives us three lessons: 1) Take 10% of your money and give it away, 2) take 10% and reduce your debt, 3) Take 10% to invest.

In today’s tough economic times, most of us might say we barely have enough to take 10% to reduce our debt, let alone give 10% away. If you study many wealthy and happy people, you will find that they will consistently tell you that in order to have more you have to be willing to give first. If you wait to implement this principle, do you think it will be easier to give $100,000 out of $1,000,000, or to give $100 out of $1,000 now. If you don’t get into the practice of giving first fruits, it will  only get more difficult later on, so start now.

In summary, focus on money as a tool to help other people, think of yourself as more worthy to live an abundant life, and be willing to give first of everything you make. With these keys, it should be easy to manage and handle any financial pressures that come our way. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we are all so blessed.

Have a awesome day and give something away today.

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