Find Your Buried Treasure

So how do you find the buried treasure in you? To do some serious soul searching means you must face some fears and obstacles. What caused you to bury this treasure in the first place? Maybe a non-supportive parent,  a tough relationship, a culture that put you down, or simply times you tried and failed and then just gave up. There are plenty of obstacles and challenges that can cause us to bury our heart and soul, however, successful people in life have not allowed those influences to steal their dreams and desires. They have faced their fears, taken risks, failed,  and gotten up again and realized they could build something magnificent if they just keep going.

I believe that everyone starts out with a desire to make a difference or to accomplish something significant, but along the way, our world knocks us down and says don’t take a chance on yourself. It’s not worth it. Stay in your comfort zone. In many cases, its just the chatter or that little voice talking to us. We have to dig up the buried treasure within us and not allow fear and experiences to keep our potential buried. We need to step out in faith and turn our potential into reality.

In the parable in Matthew 25:14-30, the master entrusts three servants to invest various amounts of money while he is gone. He returns later to see what they had accomplished. Two of the servants were diligent and took a risk, and earned a profit for the master. The other servant was afraid to take a chance and buried the money in the ground and returned only what the master had given him. The first two were rewarded and the third was reprimanded and lost what he was given.

Is that reality or what? Those who take their talents and what they possess, invest it in life, will grow and build something big. Those that allow fear to keep them in their comfort zone, not only fail to increase what they have, they actually lose it. In life, unless we are willing to take risks, we will never accomplish anything of significance. Unless we get out of our comfort zone, we will never experience all that life has to offer.  Anyone can accomplish anything their heart desires, we just have to step out in faith and go for it. Dig up the buried treasure in you and use it to accomplish all your desires and dreams. You can do it.

Have a magnificent day and live life with passion.

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