Don’t Allow Negatives Any Space

Dr. Henry Cloud says the second principle for successful leadership is not allowing negative things to take up space in our lives. Successful leaders get rid of negative energy. There are major negatives such as a significant unresolved problem and there are minor negatives that distract you from your deepest desires and most important things in life. The minor negatives can spoil your dreams just as sure as the major negatives.

Successful leaders figure out a way to clear out the negatives. This can be relationships that are not going anywhere or worse yet, taking you the opposite direction of where you want to go. It can be activities at work or at home that are preventing you from getting where you want to go. It can also be time that you are spending that is not contributing to your well-being or dream. When you cut out the negatives you make room for good and positive things. One of the hardest things to figure out is when to let go of something or someone that seems important to you but is a huge negative in your life.

Another way to deal with negative challenges and energy drains that is more effective, is not getting into them to start with. I know that seems easier said than done, but we all have choices of who we do business with and associate with. I’ve had clients that caused much stress for me and the best day was when they either left or I fired them. The principle of not allowing negative things to take up space doesn’t negate patience, hope, or working out difficult relationships over time. We still need to do whatever we can to fix what is wrong and make it better, to forgive and reconcile. But don’t let situations stagnate and drain you. Move quickly to replace the negatives with positives.

Harvey MacKay says, “It isn’t the people you fire who make your life miserable, it’s the people you don’t fire.Although that quote applies to the business world, I believe it is applicable in all our relationships. We get to pick who we associate with. Find people who are positive, supportive, empowering and want to live a significant life. Don’t allow negatives any space in your life. Don’t let others drag you down and take away your dreams. You really can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Have an incredible day.

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