Change Your World

This might sound like a ridiculous statement but I believe now more than ever that our world is in need of change. I meet many people everyday and it seems to me that we have become a much more pessimistic or negative society. In some respects, it seems natural with the loss of jobs and the sluggish economy, however, our world will become what we choose to make it. I do get concerned that so many people have come to rely on the government for subsidy and support. One of my missions is to share the entrepreneurial spirit and inspire people not rely on anyone, other than God, including our government. Only we as individuals can make a difference, but first it has to start with each of us. You can reach new levels of success, or you can settle for a miserable life that is without hope. You can be somebody and give back or you can try and stay in your comfort zone. The choice is yours.

When you decide to choose a positive path, you set in motion a force that will allow you to have a fulfilling career, the love of family and friends, good physical and mental health, and all the other true riches that life has to offer. In order for us to change our world, we must first change it from the inside out. To do that, you have to begin with yourself.  When you choose the path that puts your life on a positive track, you will change your life for the better, and in the process, you will positively influence the people you come in contact with. If you change your mental attitude, you will change the world around you accordingly.

Even though I might not like everything that is going on in our country right now, it is still the greatest country in the world. Each of us can make a difference but it must start with us. One of the best ways we can help our country and our world change is to become a producer. We need to be contributing something. Our country was built on positive, independent thinking more than 200 years ago when the Declaration of Independence was signed. We were a country founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and we all need to keep that alive and well. All you need to be successful in the United States is the desire to achieve success and the determination to stick with it until you reach your goals.

Have an awesome day.

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