Never-Ending Commitment To Learning

Yesterday we talked about comfort vs. prosperity and how our prosperity is directly proportionate to the amount on money and time we spend on education and personal development as opposed to entertainment. In the US, most people spend $100 on entertainment to $1 on personal development. The average person’s net worth at age 65, after a lifetime of work is less than $60,000 dollars. Isn’t that an amazing statistic? So what do we do about it? If you want more prosperity, wouldn’t it make sense to spend more time and money on learning from prosperous people and mentors. Wouldn’t it be wise to divert some of our entertainment dollars into self education?

In order to change this trend and statistic we have to get back to basics and learn from the success of others. One of the biggest characteristics of highly successful people is their commitment to continuous learning, not continuous entertainment. Successful people will tell you they can’t afford to stop learning. Life is all about choices. We can make the right choices or have choice forced upon us. If we neglect any area of our life, that area of our life will start to decay. Think about if we don’t make a effort to stay healthy, spend time on our relationships, grow in our financial literacy, or deepen our walk spiritually. That area of our life will start to decay. If were not growing and moving forward, then were losing ground and going backward.

The most successful people in history surround themselves with the best and brightest mentors they can find and they have an never-ending commitment to get the best education, knowledge, and training they can find. They know that success is a continuous process of learning and improving,

Have an awesome day and keep learning.

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