Manage Frustration

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.“–Ralph Marston

The biggest killer of dreams is frustration. One of the keys to wealth and happiness is to learn how to manage frustration. Everyone of us will need to learn to deal with frustrations. We all have them. Many of us have to deal with them daily, but everyone deals with them at least weekly or monthly. How we deal and manage frustration will determine our level of success and happiness.

Frustration can turn a positive attitude into a negative attitude. Once we have a negative attitude, it wipes out our self-discipline. Think about times when you’ve become frustrated and how that can so easily turn out attitude into a negative attitude. We we become negative, we start to doubt and doubt will take us out of action. I learned this early on in building my first insurance business. When I got a few No’s, it was real easy to become negative and not make any more calls. In my Fortune marketing business, the same is true. If I show people how they can grow an additional stream of income and change their financial future, but they don’t see it, it can become frustrating and the easy thing to do is to become negative and stop sharing the concept. It can take me right out of action if I don’t manage those frustrations. If it does, I won’t fulfill my dream of complete financial freedom.

The thing we all have to realize and keep in mind is that SUCCESS is on the other side of frustration. If we can learn to turn frustration into fascination, we will never let it get in our way again of accomplishing our goals and dreams. Think about it. If every time we get frustrated, we change our attitude from becoming negative to being fascinated, and we learn from it, just think what we can accomplish. As the quote above says, what if we turn our frustration into positive, unstoppable determination. Every successful and happy person I know has had to do that. YOU CAN DO IT TO.

Have an awesome day and live passionately.

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