How You Spend Your Time

Yesterday we talked about success as a continuous process of learning and improving. It’s just a matter of getting better day by day but that involves a some investment. You have to have an investment of time, money, and most of all a desire to improve or change. Change is the hardest or most difficult of the three because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Change is not so difficult if we break it down. Do you think you can change just 1 percent at a time? Of course you can. There are 140 minutes in a day. If you break that down into 100 segments of 14 minutes each, do you think you could take 1-2 segments each day to improve yourself? If we want to, we can all find 15-30 minutes a day to invest in ourselves. Do you think that will increase your personal value?

With the Internet, a small amount of time and money, and great mentors, success is within reach of anyone who wants it. Everyone of us has a choice whether we will consider ourselves a victim of these economic conditions or if we will invest in ourselves and go do something about it. These are the times when opportunity is huge and very available. We just have to make a decision to go after it.

If I asked the average person today, who has no savings and heavy in debt, what answer do you think I would get? Are you a victim of economic circumstance or are you in debt and broke by your own choice? They may be offended and wouldn’t like either answer would they? it is certainly true that many of us didn’t expect this big of a downturn in the economy, but we don’t have to accept it. There are so many ways to invest in ourselves and change our future financial picture. We just have to keep looking and learning and have a strong enough desire to go for it. I believe that if we are earnestly looking for opportunity, it will be there.

So how are you using your time? Are you spending it or investing it? When you look at a clock, see four 15 minute segments and ask yourself, what are you doing to get where you want to be? Are you investing in your dream and your future?

Have an awesome weekend.

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