Focus On “The Why”

World class achievers and performers know that when it comes to fulfilling their vision or dream, that the real question is not the “how-to” but “the why.” Champions ask themselves “Why do I want this vision to become reality?” The intensity with which we answer this question will determine whether the vision is fulfilled or dies.

If your house was burning, would you risk your life to save the furniture? Probably not. If your kids were inside, would you risk your life to save them? Of course you would. The point is, if the stakes are high enough, you will do anything if you have a big enough “why”. High achievers and champions know this, so they capitalize on it. World class achievers focus on emotional motivators. This might be the REP who wins the company cruise to the Caribbean and being recognized on stage in front of his peers and family.

Champions know the secret to world class motivation is emotion. The great ones decide what they want and why they want it. They invest a lot of mental energy identifying the emotion that will drive their vision. Once they discover that emotion, the fight to make their vision a reality is over before it begins.

Raw emotion will drive a visionary past the obstacles and setbacks that try and get in the way.  Ordinary people with vision and emotion are transformed into extraordinary performers because they will no longer accept failure as an option. Champions recognize the power of emotional motivation and will go to great lengths to tap into it. The five most popular motivators of top performers are: 1) Religious/Spiritual, 2) Children/Family, 3) Desire to prove yourself to yourself, 4) Desire to prove yourself to others, 5) General recognition/Validation. What is your life’s vision and what is driving you to achieve it? Paul Orberson says, “Success is all about your ‘want to’.”

“Send the harmony of a great desire vibrating through every fiber of your being. Find a task that will call forth your faith, your courage, your perseverance, and your spirit of sacrifice. Keep your hands and your soul clean, and your conquering current will flow freely.”-Thomas Dreier

Determine your “WHY” and go make it an awesome day.

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