Comfort vs. Prosperity

I have heard it said and I believe that the amount of our income and prosperity will be directly proportionate to the amount of TV that we watch. I wanted to share the following which was written by Tom Murphy, who along with his partner, Tom Hopkins, built a huge sales training organization that help millions earn higher incomes. It’s worth reading.

“Would you like to be more prosperous? That’s a question when asked anywhere in the world that would get an overwhelming yes response. Why? Because prosperity means comfort and comfort is the number one goal of all humans. It is however, a two-edged sword. Seeking comfort in most cases requires effort and work. However, being in comfort can lead to a complacent laid-back attitude and a disintegration of effort.

In a state of comfort the average person seems to seek more comfort in the form of entertainment. It is a fact that in many developed countries populations have become totally hooked on round-the clock entertainment. In fact, the object of work has become a goal of not wanting to work. In most modern countries people really want a higher level of prosperity but fail miserably when you compare their wants with their actions. They fail when measured on their EVE ratio or their Education vs. Entertainment ratio.

What is your ratio of dollars spent on education and personal growth versus dollars spent on entertainment? This ratio may be a clue to anyone’s lack of the personal and financial success. The dollars spent on the entertainment listed below don’t bring prosperity; they are the end result of what may be too much prosperity or they may be a result of people acting like they have prosperity when they don’t have it. What is your return on time and money invested in entertainment?”

This question is only important if you are frustrated by general lack prosperity in your life and are looking for answers. The list below may be an eye opener for anyone really looking for answers. How much in time and money do you spend on both columns? Many people say they just can’t afford to spend money on education. Complete the list and try and say that with a straight face!

The list includes TV, movies, sports events, vacation, dining, drinking, video games, golf, music, etc.  Think about this and we’ll talk more about this tomorrow.

Have an awesome day.

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