The fifth step to riches that Napoleon Hill talks about is Imagination. He calls it the workshop of the mind. The only limitation we have within reason, is the development and use of our imagination. It has been said that we can create anything that we can imagine.

All fortunes started with an idea. All ideas start with a creative imagination. Desire is simply an impulse or thought. It is abstract and of no value until it can be converted to it’s physical counterpart. Imagination plays a vital role in transforming our desire into money. For many people today, our ability to be imaginative has become weak through inaction. Our ability to imagine does not die, so all we have to do is to revive it through use. We start off with a thought or desire, then we want to turn that desire into a tangible reality, or money, and that takes a plan or plans. These plans are formed and made with the aid and use of our imagination.

Many of you have heard me talk about “The Secret” or “The Law of Attraction.” All of the books written on this subject tell us that we simply have to change the way we think, and that what we think about, we will attract. If our desire for financial freedom is strong enough that we will put it in writing, develop a plan for it’s attainment, our imagination will help our subconscious find a way to turn it into reality.

If we think we can, we can! If we think we can’t, you’re right!

Have an awesome weekend and be imaginative.

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