Definiteness of Purpose

Never in the history of America has there been so great an opportunity for practical dreamers as now exists. This six year collapse has reduced all men, substantially to the same level. A new race is about to be run. The stakes represent huge fortunes which will be accumulated in the next ten years. The rules of the race have changed, because we now live in a CHANGED WORLD that definitely favors the masses, those who had but little or no opportunity to win under the conditions during the depression, when fear paralyzed growth and development.

This was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 but I feel is analogous to today in many ways. We are going through tough economic times , although not near as tough as what people went through in the Great Depression. I believe there is way more opportunity available  today for anyone who will dream and take a risk.  These are the times when new riches and wealth will be created.

Many people aren’t making the same money they were two to three years ago and are looking for new sources of revenue. These kinds of times call for new ideas, new ways of doing things, new leaders, new inventions, new methods of teaching, new methods of marketing. and new business models. Backed by all this demand for new and better things, there is one quality that one must possess to win  and that is Definiteness of Purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and the burning Desire to possess it.

The opportunities available today are tremendous for those who will take advantage of them. Will you be one of those that take advantage of today’s economic conditions or just sit idle as the opportunities pass you by?

 Be opportunistic and successful. Have an awesome day.

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