Burning Desire To Win

Napoleon Hill tells the story of Edwin Barnes,who had a burning desire to become a business associate of Thomas Edison. He didn’t want to work for Thomas Edison, he wanted to be his partner. Barnes’ desire was not a hope. It was not a wish. It was a keen, pulsating, DESIRE, which transcended everything else. It was DEFINITE.

Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, placed all of his energy, willpower, effort, and everything to accomplish that goal. He didn’t say, I’ll work there for awhile and if nothing happens, I’ll go find another job. He didn’t say, I’ll keep my eyes open for another opportunity in case this one doesn’t work out.

What he did say is, “There is but one thing in this world I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me, and stake my entire future on my ability to get what I want.” If you read the complete story, you will find he left no possible way of retreat. He had to win or perish.

Napoleon Hill says, every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing that can one be assured of main-taming that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, which is essential to success.

What is your burning desire?

Have an awesome day and live life with passion.

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