Your Habits Will Determine Your Future

Do you feel that life just happens? It doesn’t have to. It’s about the choices you make and how you respond to every situation. If you keep making bad choices, disaster often will follow. You have heard me say that our everyday choices determine whether we will live a life of abundance or not. Our consistent choices build our habits and habits play a huge role in how our future unfolds. Maybe you’ve heard it said that successful people have successful habits, unsuccessful people don’t.

A habit is something you do so often, it becomes easy. A behavior you keep repeating. It becomes automatic. No matter what area of your life you want to be successful in, it takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy every day to make it happen. If you want to have excellent health, exercising three times a week may be a minimum amount to maintain keeping you in shape. If you value the long term benefits, then you develop a non-negotiable habit of working out at least three times a week. Most people will get excited about doing this as a New Years resolution but by the second or third week, their quitting. They don’t turn their desire for change into a non-negotiable habit.

If you want to become financially independent, are you in the habit of consistently paying yourself and saving or investing at least 10 percent of your income? That’s a proven financial principle and consistent means that you do it every pay or every month. Every month means your in the habit of doing it. If your desire and philosophy is strong enough, then paying yourself is a non-negotiable habit.

Another avenue to achieve financial independence is to go out and make a lot of money either through owning a business or investing. In my marketing company, I see many people having high hopes and dreams but when it comes to the daily habits of simply sharing the opportunity with others, people get discouraged easily and quit. It really isn’t hard, but we just have to make it a non-negotiable habit and keep doing it. Your habits will determine the quality of your life.

Negative habits result in negative consequences. Successful habits create positive rewards. The results of your bad habits usually don’t show up until later in life. However, here’s the good news, You can turn negative consequences into positive rewards by simply changing you habits now.

What bad habits do you have that you need to change now?

Have an incredible day and build successful habits.


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