What and When

Last week, we talked about turning your dreams into reality and I ask everyone to put together a list of five dreams. I said I would share my dreams with you and would like to hear each of your dreams. My biggest dream is to live life debt free and then help others do the same. Another dream is I will have a second home at The Reserve on Lake Keowee, South Carolina. Another dream is to play the Top 100 Golf Courses in the country. I will take a trip to Ireland and Scotland to play golf on many of the famous courses over there. I will also take a three to four week trip on my Harley Ultra to the Tetons, Yellowstone, and California.

Please email me or leave comments on this website about your lists of dreams. Now, I’m going to ask you to add the what and when to make each dream more descriptive and to make each dream very specific. For example, my dream to be debt free, how much income will I need to pay off my debts. What will I need to pay-off or what other conditions will need to be in place to accomplish this dream?

Now that we considered the specifics of what, we need to add the when. I’ve heard it said that “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” So, now we just need to reshape our dreams into goals by giving them deadlines. Go back and review each dream by asking and answering the question, “By When?”

Most all of you have heard of the Pareto Principle, or more popularly the “80/20 rule.” An application of this rule is the eighty percent of everything you do tends to get done in the last twenty percent of the time available. If you don’t create a deadline, the last twenty percent never seems to arrive. So your dreams must be written down in vivid and specific terms and you must have a timeline for realization. If you do this, you’ve taken a huge step towards accomplishing and fulfilling your dreams.

Keep in mind that when writing out your goals they can be huge. You must state them in the positive and affirmative. Decide what you want to move toward, not away from. Be careful how you phrase your goals and objectives and always state them in the “I Am.”  Say “I am” or “I will” and not “I want.”

Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Have an awesome day and live life with passion.


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