Review Your Goals Everyday

No matter how carefully you plan your goals they will never be more that pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto. –W. Clement Stone

Now that you have written down your dreams,  made them specific as to what and when, and given them a timeline for realization, you’ve taken a huge step in turning your dreams into reality. Another very important of realizing your goals is to look at them everyday. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen many people develop extensive life plans, business plans, and goals but not accomplish what they set out to accomplish. The main reason is they don’t keep themselves constantly and repeatedly focused on their destination. You do this by reviewing your dreams and goals each day, preferably morning and night.

When you have your goals spelled out and written down in the most vivid and specific terms possible and set a timeline for realization, you set in motion the power of your subconscious. When you surround yourself with your goals, your subconscious brain goes to work on accomplishing them. That is, if you have the right attitude and philosophy. It’s amazing, but your subconscious will figure out the right actions to take on accomplishing those goals.

Make sure your goals are really your goals and not expectations of someone else. If your goals are not from your heart and inner ambition, your subconscious creative spirit will not work towards accomplishing them anyway. You also want to make sure your goals align with your values. Goals are simply a promise to yourself and every promise has a price. It’s important to not sacrifice your core values to accomplish a goal. Goals must fit your own values, standards, and desires. Life is all about balance.

When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it. –Jim Rohn

Have an awesome day and review your dreams and goals everyday.


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