Ready, Fire, Aim

Many of us have heard the term Ready, Aim, Fire. Over the years, I have tried to learn from all the successful people I could. The question I would ask is “What three things would you say are responsible for your success?”
One of the responses from one of my mentors that has stuck with me for years is, “Ready, Fire, Aim. My mentors point was that sometimes you just have to make a decision. In today’s world, everything is constantly changing and if we take too much time readying and aiming, the target has moved or is gone. I remember my dad telling me to just make a decision and then convince yourself you’ve made the right decision. Napoleon Hill, in his book, Think And Grow Rich, says,  “Successful people make decisions quickly and change decisions slowly.”

Another way of looking at this same philosophy is, Plan, Do, and Review. This is simply a process where we plan and create, then we do what we’ve planned, and then we review our planning and doing to see if we can improve the process or results we’ve accomplished. It is a constant and consistent process of doing actions and then correcting those actions, moment by moment. Ready, Aim, Fire, or Plan, Do, Review, creates a process for continuous improvement. This can apply to all aspects of our lives.

Be thankful for the freedom and independence we have in this country. Keep our soldiers in your prayers. Freedom doesn’t come free.

Have an awesome Fourth of July weekend.


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