Learn By Doing

A famous Chinese proverb says, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Through the years I have known many people who accumulated knowledge and spent many hours in planning and strategizing but still never really become very successful at what they do. In many cases, it’s just that people won’t out the knowledge they’ve gained into actions that lend themselves to being successful.

It seems to me there are two main ways to learn. First, we can learn by study. This might include reading, listening to CD’s, watching DVD’s, attending seminars and classes, and from having a mentor or coach. The second way is to learn by doing or experiential learning. The proverb is talking about taking the first step, not thinking about taking the first step. Both types of learning go hand in hand.

I can read and learn all day long about how to build muscle tone but until I start actually lifting or working out, nothing happens. In my insurance business, I have seen people develop great business plans but when it comes to implementation or actually making the sales calls, they can’t seem to accomplish the daily actions they know will put them on the success curve. In my marketing company, the same is true for many people. They learn what to do and they have great intentions, but many people just don’t get around to doing the one or two things that will guarantee their success. It is as simple as making calls each day and sharing the opportunity with someone.

When Jeff Olson is asked for the key to success in his marketing business, or the one thing that will guarantee a person’s success, his answer is always the same. “Be here, actively immersed in the process, one year from now.” He goes on to say that you can’t build your dream by what your planning or intending to do. You can only build your dream by going out and building it. As the Nike tag line said, “Just Do It.” or as Larry the cable guy says, “Git-R-Done.”

Life is all about doing.

Just go do it and have an awesome day.


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