Clarity = Power

Since today is Friday and we have the weekend to take some time to plan, do, and review, I wanted to spend some time talking about clarity. Keith Cunningham says, “Clarity = Power, and power is the ability to act.” Another attribute of very successful people is they schedule time regularly to think of a better future. Clarity can be about creating, seeing, and seizing opportunities. Clarity can also be about creating vivid and exciting pictures of the future. The problem with most people is they don’t have a clear picture of what they want. What about you?

Do you take time each day or week to just think? I have read many stories about successful people who take as much as one day a week to just think. You might say, I could never find a day each week to just think. Could you start with just five minutes and gradually build it to a hour? Isn’t it worth at least an hour to design and create a vivid and clear picture of your future? Whether you desire is to be debt free, become more physically fit, or build loving relationships, you can achieve all of this, and more if you have a vivid and crystal-clear picture of what you want.

Take some time this weekend to continue building your dreams. Make them absolutely clear in your mind as to what that they will look like. Remember, clarity = power, and the more clear they become, the more power we have to make our dreams come true.

Have a wonderful weekend dreaming.


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