Another great reason reflection is so important is that it points out all the positive steps your taking and the progress you’ve made. Years ago there was a book written called the “One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. In the book, they wrote that “people who feel good about themselves produce good results.” They urged the business world to “catch people doing something right” and then acknowledge it on the spot. They called this “one minute praising.”

Most of us forget to catch ourselves doing something right. By reflecting, it allows us to acknowledge our successes and then celebrate them. It keeps our right choices and small steps to success out in plain view where we can celebrate our progress, no matter how small or insignificant the steps may seem at the time. Celebrate each small successful choice you make. Celebrating our successes will also help build our self esteem and self confidence. It also produces a more positive attitude and helps in managing our attitude. Remember success breeds more success.

Celebrate all your right choices and all your wins. Then catch someone else doing something right and celebrate with them.

Have a awesome day and live life with passion.


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